Sigmundsign is a large trading city set squarely in the middle of a set of plains due East of Smeltraig. The city has three major walls, dividing the slums from the middle class establishments from the higher-end buildings. Pelor is the overwhelmingly favored deity, but all non-evil gods are allowed worship.


During a great war in the past, the humans were being overrun by a coalition of Gnoll, Orc, and Minotaur armies. Before then the city was called Sigmundshield, because the heroic human Palidin Sigmund Glittershield built and led the protective forces of this town. In this instance, Sigmund knew that he would not hold out with the waning forces he had left. He ordered all citizens from the town into key buildings within the innermost city walls. Then, he prayed to Moradin and set all other buildings in the city ablaze. The smoke from the buildings rose and formed a signal which the dwarven sentries could see from Smeltraig: A giant anvil cracked down the middle with a claw raking the gap larger and larger. The dwarves then sent all available forces down into the valley, and after a fierce three-day battle, the city remained under Sigmund’s control. The Dwarven Generals began calling the city Sigmundsign because of Sigmund’s act of humility, and the name has stuck.


Sigmund still rules the city, but has seven Archons who advise him on different on different aspects of maintaining peace and stability in these times. The Archons each have a separate field of control, and maintain a high governmental presence within the city. The laws created by this bureaucracy have been called imposing but fair.


There are five major noble families within Sigmundsign. The Glittershield family is one. You do not currently know the names of the other four.


Protecting the seven Archons and Sigmund (to a lesser degree, he has his own guard) are the Seven-Shield (SS for short). SS are a near inpenatrable force on the battlefield, and are thick-skinned and thick-skulled protectors. They do their job extremely well and have a lot of clout in this region for previous battles fought. They give shit to all “lesser” beings and those of lower social status as well. While revered as fierce fighters and loyal guardians, most of the peasants and everyone who is not human usually finds some reason to dislike the SS’s childish pranks and bullying tactics. Most low-level initiates are fighters and paladins. Ascending slightly higher into their ranks, warlords and other tactical classes emerge. The highest levels are again Paladins, but ones who seem to be heavily favored by Pelor. Often the divine members of the SS are seen glowing with bright light in battle, blinding all who surround them (including their own troops).


The Fighters’ Guild, Mages’ Guild, Thieves’ Guild, and Cartographers’ Guild all have offices within the city.


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