Return of the Infernalis Novem


Tyrannus's Adventure

Roll Call:
Locke-Not Present
Elori-Not Present

Soon after defeating the Elven kidnappers, our adventurers find Bethrynna, bound with her head covered, in their midst. After freeing her and returning her belongings, there was a short rest. Upon waking, the group arbitrated about whether to take care of Bethrynna’s pressing business in the Feywild, or assist Tyrannus in investigating the cryptic note he received from Captain Rogar in Scalehold. Winning the debate by only a small margin,the group set out to Scalehold. Right after entering Scalehold, Elori soujourned to the inn to meditate, while Bethrynna was solicited to assist in healing a handful of Dragonborn villagers, who had fallen sick 2 weeks prior with a spasmodic illness.

The rest of the group headed directly to the barracks where they were met by Rhogar who informed Gauthak that his Drake was not allowed inside. Rogar spoke of a debt that Tyrannus owed and offered a path to redemption.

During her assistance in healing, to find the cure for the confounding illness, Bethrynna questioned Ramla, the town healer, about the occurrences that lead up to the sickness. She discovered that it appeared to be a poisoning that affected the nervous system. The first to fall ill was 6 months ago, and other Elven healers who traveled through the city attempted to heal but were unable to completely cure the patients.

During the investigation, it was discovered that an evil shaman named “Waningheart”, who had previously attempted to steal an artifact, had broken into the village successfully and fought his way into the clanmasters’ home where the artifact was kept, about two years ago. It was noted that Waningheart was previously haphazard and suddenly seemed stronger and more organized. His followers appeared darker also.

The group went to look over a couple of maps, only describing tactical, militaristic, and paths through the mountains to the North.

The group visited the clanmaster named Ra’ees and his wife Galia at their home. Ra’ees attempted to describe the artifact, which was black box with clan markings and inside was a velvet covering with a fist-size object underneath. Ra’ees couldn’t investigate further so was unable to describe the artifact further but it is postulated that the artifact has magical significance and could be the origin of the illness that seems to have befallen the villagers. Rhogar believes it could be Waningheart is using it to make villagers sick. Rhogar wants Tyrannus to find the artifact, which will clear his name.

The group rests for an hour afterwords.

Note: DM edits for spelling, correcting event timelines



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