Return of the Infernalis Novem


Roll Call:
Locke-not present
Bethrynna- present
Goth- Present

Danger Zone: 5
Noteriety: 2

After discovering Waningheart’s schemes with the artifact, the adventurers found themselves North of the Scalehold, cautiously following a path astride a river. Goth used his natural abilities to cover their tracks and Tyrannus climbed a tree, discovering a waterfall some distance ahead. Elori cautiously approached the waterfall and soon heard foreign voices coming from the banks of the waterfall. Upon further investigation, Elori surveyed the group of what turned out to be Kobolds. Though there were 9 in total, several were using gourd shaped slings to mix a viscous liquid into the river, while others were mixing, with bent stirrers, large drums, occasionally adding other ingredients from vials next to them. Among the Kobolds was a shaman, who was chanting standing inside of a circular rune.

Suddenly, Elori let out a vicious yell and charged at the Shaman, feeling as if he passed through a wall after stepping into the rune circle, making him weaker. However, he was able to dispatch of the Shaman shortly after. Subsequently, the rest of the group was forced into combat. Robert stepped in quickly and attempted to dispatch much of the Kobolds near the rune circle. Bethrynna assisted the group with a ritual, making several Kobolds weak and the group feel more impenetrable. Spike assisted the group immensely by biting the leg and killing one of the Kobolds.
Tyrannus eliminated a couple of Kobolds and the group soon disposed of the rest of the Kobolds with ease.

After the intense combat, a member observed tattoos on the Kobolds, learning that it was the symbol for Waningheart. The group also discovered an empty hidden room behind the waterfall which housed a small lab, stocking more of the poison. They also found a note, written by Waningheart, instructing the Kobolds to dilute the liquid and that he would be back to up the dosage.

The adventurers discussed who would stay behind in hopes that Waningheart would be by shortly, and who would go to tell the villagers about the poison in the water supply and investigate the source of the toxin or an anti-venom. Goth, Robert, and Elori stayed behind, setting traps while Bethrynna and Tyrannus went to the village. Bethrynna went directly to Ramla, who informed her that the venom came from a spider native to Scalehold but beacause of the quantity of the venom produced, the spider was more likely from the Feywild. Ramla assured her that they would attempt to create an anti-venom or at the very least, boil the water to sterilize it. Satisfied with this, Bethrynna and Tyrannus went back to join the rest of the group. Robert had created a “blind” in a tree near the waterfall to better view or snipe any potential enemy visitors. Elori used his vials of alchemist’s acid to create a trap just inside the waterfall. Gauthak set up a camouflaged hiding area on top of the waterfall. The rest of the group settled down on the ground to rest.

Sometime during their respite, assassins ambushed the group, leaving Tyrannus and Elori totally unconscious. After examining the assassins, it was discovered they were from the Feywild. The assassins had a no defining marks upon them. They did carry a list of names which had everyone’s name.

It would appear sojourning to the Feywild is in these adventurers’ future.

DM Edits: Some spelling, grammar, and completing details.



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