Return of the Infernalis Novem



Upon entering the feywild, the adventurers decided to separate into two investigation teams. One seeking answers to what ingredients are the vials they brought with them. One team visting Bethrynna’s father, who had fallen ill a couple of months before. Elorei, Locke and Tyrannus spoke with Corlina, who answered their questions to the best of her ability. She informed them that the ingredients in the vial were magical. They were possibly from the sand on the island. Bethrynna and Gauth teamed up to investigate the cause of her father’s illness which caused his extreme fatigue, flu-like symptoms and muscle aches. Multiple craftsman had also fallen ill and 6 of the resident apprentices seemed to be suffering the same.

The team joined back together and shared their knowledge with each, deciding that they should attempt to gather the sand using someone’s bag of holding and head to the forest to find the spiders. Suddenly, several of the party fell into a large, deep crevice. Then they were faced with 4 large boars. After many futile attempts to dispatch the boars, the team decided it best to climb out of the crevice and forgo fighting the boars.



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